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Coaster is a quite big vehicle that is best suitable for big group not exceeding 20 member. We own few but the good conditioned coaster vehicle with reasonable and competitive price in Nepal. We suggest you to book this coaster vehicle if you are 15 or more member in a group.

You can book the vehicle for any purpose visit in Nepal. We offer our best service in Kathmandu and all over Nepal.

Booking Information

KathmanduAirport Arrival / DepartureCoasterRs. 19501 hrs
KathmanduAirport : Mountain FlightCoasterRs.30003 hrs
KathmanduAirport : Overnight ChargeCoasterRs.5400
KathmanduHalf day city Swoyambhu Stupa (Monkey Temple), Patan durbar squire.CoasterRs.37504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Bhaktapur tour onlyCoasterRs.37504 hrs
KathmanduPashupati Nath and Boudhanath Stupa tourCoasterRs.37504 hrs
KathmanduKritipur/Chovar tourCoasterRs.37504 hrs
KathmanduBungmati/Khokana tourCoasterRs.37504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Daksinkali tourCoasterRs.43504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Godawary PatanCoasterRs.43504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Sundarijal tourCoasterRs.43504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Sakhu tourCoasterRs.43504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Chagunarayan tourCoasterRs.43504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Dhulikhel tourCoasterRs.52504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Dhulikhel tourCoasterRs.70504 hrs
KathmanduNagarkot and Bhaktapur tourCoasterRs.82504 hrs
KathmanduFull day Kathmandu city, shoyambhu stupa, Patan durbarCoasterRs.76508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Pahupati Nath Temple, Boudha Stupa and Bhaktapur durbar squireCoasterRs.76508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Daksinkali, Chovar and Kritipur tourCoasterRs.76508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Bhaktapur- changunaraya- Nagarkot day tourCoasterRs.105008 hrs
KathmanduChitwan SaurahaCoasterRs 243006 Hour
KathmanduChitwan JugodiCoasterRs 201005 Hour
KathmanduChitwan NarayanghadhCoasterRs 216005 Hour
KathmanduChitwan Jungle LodgeCoasterRs 25700
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingCoasterRs 9600
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingCoasterRs 5400
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingCoasterRs 5400
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingCoasterRs 7500
PokharaNayapool DroupCoasterRs 10200
KathmanduLumbiniCoasterRs 50000
LumbiniTilaurakotCoasterRs 3700
KathmanduPokhara Chitwan LumbiniCoasterRs 83200
ChitwanDamanCoasterRs 9100
KathmanduPokhara ChitwanCoasterRs 54000
KathmanduPokhara LumbiniCoasterRs 55500
ChitwanKathmanduCoasterRs 24300
LumbiniKathmanduCoasterRs 50000
ChitwanPokharaCoasterRs 25000
PokharaChitwanCoasterRs 25000
PokharaLumbiniCoasterRs 37500
LumbiniPokharaCoasterRs 37500
ChitwanLumbiniCoasterRs 32000
LumbiniChitwanCoasterRs 32000